One of my favorite things to eat lately is a German-Swiss creation called Muesli.  A combination of uncooked rolled oats, nuts, fruits, and milk, admittedly I cannot get enough.  Mornings are most common for my partaking, but often it creeps into my belly in the afternoon as well.  If you have not tried muesli, you are depriving your tastebuds and stomach of a real treat.  The best part about it is that you can put whatever you want in it.


My favorite recently is:

Raw oats


Pumpkin seeds (also called pepitas)




Apple chunks

Banana slices


In the past it has also included raspberries or blackberries.


Make it what you want, keep it natural and healthy, but try it.  If you are in a really big hurry, mix all of the dry ingredients together in small individual jars, one for each day.  Add fruit, milk, and devour.


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