Not because I’m a scary, half-frozen, abominable snow man.  No, run for your life because if you choose a sedentary existence, your life will run from you.  Or more appropriately put, your life will become a slow vacuum suck into the recliner where you will experience the bad kind of personal growth.  Literally, your hiney will get huge.  Not that weight has ever been a big problem for me, though my stomach was on it’s way to playing the shapes game not long ago.  Weather is something I always saw as a huge obstacle to running.  Run in the cold?  That’s insane.  Alas, it had to be done and I knew it.  My goal to run through the winter this season has been easy since I made up my mind and committed.  It makes for better days.  No excuses, including weather.  The door is open and I ran out…for my life.  Eight miles at 0700, in freezing weather, half on snowy trail, half on road, all on cloud nine.  Going out truly is going in.  In to what is real and what is peaceful.  It is where we were made to be.


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